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Will Trump freely leave the White House?


As of November 8th, 2020 Donald Trump has still not conceded the election, despite multiple news networks (including his favorite, Fox News) projecting his opponent Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. While his court cases are pending, ProPublica has noted,

It’s not likely the recount requests or ballot challenges, which are common in the wake of close elections, will make a difference in the outcome. “Recounts rarely change the vote totals very much,” said University of Kentucky law professor Joshua Douglas, and the same is true of challenges to the validity of ballots.

Some have considered the possibility that a disgraced Trump will be dragged out of the White House on inaguration day. Scott Aaronson writes,

Now that Trump has gone this far in shattering all the norms of succession, part of me wants to see him go the rest of the way … to being physically dragged out of the Oval Office by Secret Service agents on January 20, in pathetic and humiliating footage that would define how future generations remembered him.

Will Trump freely leave the White House?

This question resolves positively if at least 3 credible media sources all independently report evidence that Trump left the White House willingly, and free from force or the threat of force on or before inauguration day 2021, with no evidence of intention to return (except as a potential guest, or if he wins the presidency again in some future election). Otherwise, it resolves negatively.

A threat of force is constituted by an order by a legitimate authority, such as a Secret Service agent or a judge. In other words, at least one person who has legal authority to forcefully order Trump to leave the White House must order/force him to leave for this question to resolve negatively. A pre-emptive reminder of his official scheduled departure at 12 PM January 20th 2021 does not count as an order.

In the case of a dispute between credible sources, or the absence of clear evidence, this question resolves ambiguously.

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