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How will Donald Trump rank among presidents?


In 2000, 2009, and 2017, C-Span surveyed historians to compile a historical ranking of US presidents. You can see the 2017 rankings here. In the next C-Span survey for which Donald Trump is included, which spot will he earn overall?

Please note that there have already been two prominent historical rankings of presidents which have included Donald Trump. One gave him a rank of 42/44 and another gave him a rank of 44/44 (though only 40/44 when you ask only Republican scholars).

How will Donald Trump rank in C-Span's rankings of presidents?

This question resolves as the position ranking of Donald Trump in the next C-Span survey of historians which ranks presidents in order from best to worst, and includes Donald Trump. For the purpose of this question, we exclude all presidents that come after Trump. The ranking is determined by the final scores, rather than any intermediate scores used to determine the final score.

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