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Will the UK's Conservative government fall by the end of 2018?


One of the 50 predictions made by Fortune magazine in November 2017 began as follows: "A snowballing sexual harassment scandal in Parliament and divisions over Brexit will coalesce into a force strong enough to bring down Theresa May’s government. The Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn will become U.K. Prime Minister and will try to complete Brexit negotiations with the EU".

That's rather specific, but the core of the prediction is clear: Theresa May's government will not survive to the end of 2018, and a quite different government will succeed it. Is that right?

This question will resolve positive if, at some point no later than the end of 2018, the United Kingdom has a Prime Minister who is not a member of the Conservative Party.

It will resolve negative if at the end of 2018 the UK's Prime Minister is a member of the Conservative Party, and if between now and then the UK has not had a Prime Minister who isn't.

It will resolve ambiguous in other cases.

Notes on the resolution conditions: for positive resolution the PM needn't be Jeremy Corbyn, nor need it be a member of the Labour Party. The question will even resolve positive if Theresa May remains in power but leaves the Conservative Party. For negative resolution the PM needn't still be Theresa May, and there can be PM-less gaps if e.g. there is a general election between now and the end of 2018.

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