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What will be the price of a barrel of crude oil at Christmas 2018?


One of the 50 predictions made by Fortune magazine in November 2017 runs as follows: "Saudi political turmoil and the occasional disruptive summer storm will make the price of crude fluctuate plenty in 2018. But U.S. shale oil will keep the domestic supply flowing, putting an expiration date on any price spikes. No need to pawn the SUV just yet." And they headline it thus: "$60: What a barrel of oil will cost next Christmas".

Fortune being a US publication, let's take that to mean West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil.

What will be the December 24, 2018 closing price per barrel of WTI crude oil, as quoted here?

For reference, at the time I'm writing this (in late November 2017) the price in question is about $58. According to other sources, the lowest it's been in recent history is about $10 in 1986, and the highest is about $145 in 2008.

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