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How many House and Senate Republicans will announce retirement prior to the midterms?

The GOP is experiencing a mass exodus as congressional incumbents announce their retirements in advance of the 2018 midterms. Some, like Bob Corker and Ryan Costello, point to increasing discomfort with President Trump's leadership as reason enough to leave. Others, like Patrick Meehan, will exit dogged by sexual misconduct allegations. House Speaker Paul Ryan's recent announcement that he would be leaving Congress in January has touched off a fresh wave of speculation about the fate of dozens of open seats which the party will have to defend come November.

Many see the trend as representing a real opportunity for Democrats. Per The Atlantic:

While roughly the same number of lawmakers in both parties are leaving their seats to run for higher office, just 11 House Democrats are retiring outright or have already resigned, compared with 27 Republicans. (House members running for other offices often count as retirements, because it’s usually impractical or illegal to run for multiple positions at the same time.) Including those members who are leaving to run for another office, there will be 19 open House seats vacated by Democrats and 40 by Republicans. (The death of Representative Louise Slaughter of New York in March gave Democrats an additional open seat to defend.) Conor Lamb’s victory in a special House election in a Pennsylvania district that voted strongly for Trump could spur more retirements among Republicans worried about the national political environment under Trump.

And although Democrats must defend far more Senate seats than Republicans in 2018—including several in states that Trump won—all of the party’s incumbents are currently running for reelection. The retirements of Corker and Flake, along with a Democratic victory in December’s special election in Alabama, give Democrats an outside chance at retaking the Senate majority. In the House, they’ll need to pick up 23 more seats after Lamb’s win in Pennsylvania. And the more Republicans retire in districts that Clinton carried last year, the more the GOP majority is at risk.

The question is:

How many House or Senate Republicans will announce their intentions to retire, seek another office, or otherwise abandon their 2018 re-election campaigns?

Note that as of April 17th 10:41 ET, The Atlantic's 2018 Congressional Retirement Tracker lists 44 Republicans.

Question will be resolved by credible media report.


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