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Will Kim Jong-un meet the head of government from any G7 nation in-person before 15 June 2018?


This question was generated from the IARPA Global Forecasting Challenge.

The first face-to-face meeting between American and North Korean leaders is set for June 12th (and perhaps June 13th!) on Singapore's Sentosa Island. Months of brinksmanship between the US and the hermit kingdom have placed the historic gathering in and out of play, as "open hostility," John Bolton's invocation of the "Libya model" of denuclearization, and now Rudy Giuliani's "hands and knees" comment all complicate an already highly delicate political moment.

The question is aimed at Donald Trump's scheduled meeting with Kim Jong-un, but technically would be resolved positively if the North Korean leader meets with a head of government from any G7 nation before the 15th.

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