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Europe to Stop Buying Gas from Russia

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On February 24, 2022 EuroNews published the article What happens if Russia shuts off gas supplies to Europe?:

“Europe relies on Russia for around 40 percent of its natural gas. Most comes through pipelines including Yamal-Europe, which crosses Belarus and Poland to Germany, and Nord Stream 1, which goes directly to Germany, and via Ukraine.” [...] ”Norway, Europe's second largest supplier, is delivering natural gas at maximum capacity and can't replace any missing supplies from Russia, its prime minister has said.”


“Europe has options, including expanding nuclear and renewable energy infrastructure. Efforts by Germany and Nordic countries in recent months to expand the continent’s wind power capacity might accelerate, and some officials see the potential breakaway from Russian gas as an opportunity to pivot toward energy independence.” “The complete West will turn away from Russia,” German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck told the Associated Press after news of the invasion broke on Thursday. “We will diversify our energy system. We will not buy Russian coal and gas in such an amount in the future.” Thus we ask:

Will at least three European countries refuse to buy natural gas from Russia in 2022?

This question will resolve positively if between February 25, 2022 and December 31, 2022 at least three European countries’ governments announce they are no longer buying natural gas from Russia. Payments to Russia for natural gas must cease by February 1, 2023 to count, but announcements can be made about the future refusal up until December 31, 2022.

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