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Zapping Zika #2: active transmission in the U.S. by August 2016?


The Zika Virus has emerged as a major health threat in recent months.

Spread primarily by the Aedes Mosquito, Zika can also be spread from mother to child, through sexual contact, and through blood transfusion.

Zika is currently being trasmitted person-to-person in 44 countries and territories, but as of writing not in the continental US; several cases have been reported in the US, but these infections apparently took place overseas.

Given large traffic between the US and Zika-active countries and territories (including US Territory Puerto Rico), it only seems like a matter of time before Zika is being transmitted person-to-person via mosquitos in the US. But how much time?

Will the US be on the CDC's list of counties in which Zika is being actively transmitted by the end of August 2016?

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