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Future Perfect 2019 Series: Q6 - Impossible Burger meat will be sold in at least one national grocery chain by end of 2019

Dylan Matthews and Kelsey Piper of Vox's Future Perfect have done the internet a solid by making public probabilistic predictions. For this series, we've Metaculus-ized a smattering for your delectation. We suggest you start with the first question in the series, here.

From Vox's Future Perfect 2019 Series, which originally ran 1.15.19:

The spread of plant-based meat alternatives was one of the big stories of 2018, and it’s a trend that looks like it’ll keep gaining momentum in 2019. The Impossible Burger, a plant-based burger famous for tasting more like slaughtered meat, is currently available only in restaurants, but the startup dramatically expanded production last year with a new Oakland facility projected to eventually produce 1 million pounds of plant-based meat a month. Last fall, it announced that the burger would hit grocery stores in 2019. Nothing is a sure thing until it’s on the shelves, but I think the company is very likely to hit its target. —KP

Future Perfect's prediction: 95%

The question resolves positive by credible media report or press release indicating that Impossible Burger meat is being sold in a national grocery chain as defined by wikipedia's list of national chains by the end of 2019

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