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When will two or more supermarkets sell products made of ≥20% clean fish in their physical retail stores in at least 25 U.S. states?

One of the earliest produced clean meat product was a clean fish product. In 2002, researchers working on the the fabrication of surrogate muscle protein constructs as food products for Space travelers grew goldfish cells grown to resemble fish fillets (Benjaminson et al, 2002). However, since then, most clean meat companies have been focussed on producing the meat of livestock and poultry (see here for a list). There are several clean fish companies, amongst these are The US-based Blue Nalu and Finless Foods.

We might expect that if clean beef or clean chicken matures before clean fish, the regulatory challenges of bringing clean fish to market could be reduced. In the United States, the USDA and FDA jointly oversee the production of cell based meat products. The FDA oversees cell collection and growth while the USDA will oversee cell harvesting and labelling. Currently, the USDA and FDA refer to cell based meet as food products derived from the cells of livestock and poultry. The official term(s) and labelling rules are yet to be determined, but the FDA and USDA outlined the regulatory framework in a way that has been described to "[provide] a transparent path to market for cell-based meat products,”, according to Elan Abrell, a senior regulatory specialist at the Good Food Institute.

When will two or more supermarkets sell products made of ≥20% clean fish in their physical retail stores in at least 25 states?


This question resolves as the date when two or more supermarketets in the United States offers a clean fish product for human consumption for sale in physical locations in at least 25 states. The product must contain at least 8 grams of clean fish. The clean fish containing product must cost less than $25 per 100 grams.

Evidence of the clean meat containing product's listing price and composition should come from credible media reports, online supermarket listings, or from at least three reports sourced from social media and/or submissions by Metaculus users/admin.

The following sales do not identify the price of the product for the purpose of this question: samples given out for free, sales discounted with one-time discounts or discounts derived from coupons, or programmes such as loyalty schemes or credit card membership, amongst other pricing schemes valid for limited time or only available to a subset of customers.

Clean fish is here defined as meat that is grown primarily or entirely in cell culture, rather than in an fish' body. A supermarket is here defined as the company that operates physical self-service retail markets that sell foods and household merchandise. The supermarket must have at least ten physical stores (although the clean meat product need only be on offer in at least one store). A list of examples of U.S. supermarkets that qualify today can be found here. These will continue to qualify as supermarkets as long as these operate at least ten physical self-service retail markets.


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