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Will SpaceX test a stainless-steel prototype Starship by February 1?


It's been a while since we've had a nice, old-fashioned SpaceX rocket question. But Musk has been touting a new giant stainless steel Starship prototype, with plans that

In just one to two months, SpaceX will launch the Starship Mk1 up to a height of approximately 65,000 feet (20 kilometers) before returning to Earth and landing.

So, given a 2x time dilation, we'll ask:

by 00:00:01 UTC February 1, 2020, will SpaceX launch a Starship test vehicle?

By launch we specify that the vehicle attains a height of at least 100 m. The vehicle must be made predominantly of stainless steel and be at least 40m in height. It need not land successfully (though we could launch a short-fuse question to that as the launch gets closer.). Closes retroactively 1 week prior to launch, should one occur.

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