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Will EA Global London 2021 be cancelled, rescheduled, or moved online?


Effective Altruism Global, abbreviated EA Global, is a series of philanthropy conferences that focuses on the effective altruism movement. EA Global London 2021 is scheduled to be held in London, UK from to 30 April 2021 to 2 May 2021. In 2020, EA Global conferences in London and San Francisco were both cancelled due to COVID-19.

Will EA Global: London 2021 be cancelled, rescheduled, or moved online?

The question resolves negatively if the EA Global London 2021 takes place in the originally scheduled physical location at the scheduled dates. It resolves positively if the event is cancelled or the dates are moved, or if the venue is moved online or away from London. Note that resolution does not require COVID-19 — or anything else — to be cited as a reason for any changes to the event.

There were 2 previous questions on 2020 EA Global conferences (which — unlike this question — asked about cancellation/rescheduling due to COVID-19 specifically):

EA Global San Francisco 2020

EA Global London 2020

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