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VIX Index Below 15 before September?

Trade Signal Tournament


In the popular financial press, the VIX Index is often referred to as the "fear gauge". In reality, it is a quantitative assessment of expected stock market volatility over the next thirty day period, and is computed from S&P 500 stock index option prices.

To rule-of-thumb accuracy, the numerical value of the VIX corresponds to the annualized one-sigma percentage change in the value of the S&P 500 Index over the next month.

Typically, the value of the VIX lies between 10 and 20, but it regularly spikes during times of market turmoil. During March 2020, it reached a closing peak of 82.69 on the 16th with an intra-daily peak of 85.54 on the 18th. At just above 18 at the beginning of June 2021, the VIX has now fallen back in line with its typical values.

Will the VIX Index reach 15 or below before 9-01-21?

This question resolves positively if at any point before 9-01-21 an intra-daily or closing value of the VIX falls below 15.

Resolution can be sourced from either YahooFinance! or MarketWatch.

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